Singapore Interior Design Trends

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It would be better for you to prepare for your home renovations if you take a look and see what are the trending interior designs in Singapore. Singapore interior designs are not mere indicators of popular appeal or aesthetics. They are actual features, forms and functions of what homeowners would want to experience or have in their homes. The year 2019 is still fresh and we are seeing shifts in styles from the popular trends of 2018.

Kitchen_Interior Design

Here are some of the Singapore interior design trends that are expected to see in 2019:

We are forecasting that more semi-open kitchens will be incorporated:

The major disadvantage of having an open kitchen is the cooking fumes and grease permeating or spilling over to the rest of your home. This is the top reason why most homeowners are switching away from the open concept to the semi-open kitchen. Marrying the best of both worlds, the semi-open kitchen can take numerous forms but essentially, it has the ability to close off when needed and to remain open when desired. A popular semi-open kitchen is the separation of wet and dry areas, usually by a physical divider. The wet area would also include the hob and sink, while the pantry or serving station can be in the dry area to prepare for light meals. 

Masculine undertones and warm hues will be the more prominent in the interior design in Singapore and be the IN colours. The colours of 2019 will be mature, elegant, sophisticated. Dulux’s Colour of the year is Spiced Honey: a neutral-ish, caramel toned, sweet and feel good colour that is timeless and classic. Grey and colder colours are here to stay, but they will be matched with warmer undertones, materials, textures like brass, wood or natural materials. This would all create a more three-dimensional look that feels lived in rather than just magazine-ready. We’ll also be seeing more of the combination of crisp white, matte black and wood in Singapore interior design homes, which indicates a trend towards warming up the prevalent neutral-hued scheme.

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The popular framed glass panels of the industrial interior design in Singapore is coming back, thinner and larger. We are sure it will make a comeback this year, with thinner frames and larger glass panels. You will find it everywhere and used in a multitude of ways: in the living room as a feature element, in the kitchen as a bi-fold divider or in the bathroom as a shower screen.

The hidden elements and collapsible design will take off and be featured in most houses. With spaces getting more limited and tighter than ever, homes and interior design in Singapore are trending towards hidden elements and collapsible designs in order to maximise and save space as well as to create sleeker and less cluttered spaces. Think hidden doorways, pop-up dining tables, pull-out vanities and extendable kitchen counters.