Singapore Interior Design for Homeowners

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Good Singapore interior design firms are like your best friends, they will have to know personal and intimate details like what are your needs, what are your likes, your dislikes and your lifestyle habits to execute and deliver your renovation projects effectively.

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It is essential to share the appropriate as well as crucial information with the renovation company as it is a necessary step for a productive and rewarding relationship during the renovation of your interior design in Singapore. It goes both ways. The more you tell them about what you want, the more they will try to create your dream home. But before all that, you have to ask the right questions to filter and get the Singapore interior design company that would be able to deliver your dream design for your lovely abode. Ask and ye shall receive.

Here are some MUST ASK questions for you to ask to Singapore Interior Design Company


  1. Can you show or provide me with some examples of the works you have completed that are similar to the style, living space and budget?

Ask for a photo to find out if your preferred renovation company is able to deliver your choice of interior design theme and most importantly, keep it within the budget you have set. 

  1. Can we go on site to an actual, completed client’s place or have a list of client references?

If you are able to visit the completed project, you will be able to inspect and take a look at the quality of workmanship from your own pair of eyes. It is also an opportunity to assess if the Singapore interior design firm cultivates and maintains a good relationship with their past clients, even after the renovation project is successful and completed

  1. Do you understand the function or purpose of each space that is to be renovated?

The needs and functions of the kitchen or dining area differs from the bedroom as well as the living room. The tiles and furniture for the kitchen tends to lean on the heavy-duty side. The living room is a place for recreational activities and relaxing while the bedroom is a place to unwind, so it has got to be comfortable and welcoming. The house’s interior design in Singapore should fulfil the function and purpose of it.

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  1. What happens if your team causes the delay?

If there is a delay in completing the renovation project, how would the interior design in Singapore compensate you. 

  1. How often would you update us on the status of the renovation project?

You can make the request to get timely project status update depending on the extent of the home renovation and the agreed timeline as well as deadline. If the renovation is of a bigger scale and under a tight or strict deadline, you can expect higher frequency of updates.

That’s all we can share on this Singapore interior design article.  Hope you can get some benefits after reading this article.