featured image - 5 Inspirational Living Room Decor Ideas For Every Homeowner

5 Inspirational Living Room Decor Ideas for Every Homeowner

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The living room is the heart of a home where families and guests gather to socialise or spend leisure time. Because there is so much time spent in the room, creating a comfortable, functional, yet stylish space becomes a design need for most homeowners especially when taking the current trends into consideration.

In Singapore, living rooms are usually combined with other areas such as the kitchen or lounge area due to space constrictions. In condominiums, it can also serve as a dining room; and in a studio – a bedroom. However, in landed properties, the living room is usually an open space separate from other areas of the home, just because of the space that is available for use. With these various functions in mind, we will touch on some living room decor ideas that are contemporary yet easy enough to be incorporated in any space – small or large.

#1: Bright and Modern

Modern interior of living room

Gone are the times of family rooms in the 90s. Whether it is traditional or contemporary accents, the clean, minimalist aesthetic is here to stay.

Lighting will play an important part in brightening up space, making a bold statement. Due to the sleekness that plays along the lines of modernity, lamps will go cordless and wall sconces with a wire guard will be increasingly popular and available. The idea of statement lighting minus the hassle of hardwiring is especially ideal for small apartments in Singapore where homeowners desire a stylish design yet are restricted by space. Truly a modern way of taking convenience and functionality into consideration.

With minimalism being one of the most timeless living room decor ideas, it also comes with the importance of choosing the right furnishings. The current trends of the year are some form of velvety upholstered chairs and sofas in emerald green or brown. These pieces are usually accompanied by a coffee table with a glass worktop to maintain the clean lines of the overall space.

It is also important to ensure that the living room is not stark, even with the minimalist character it carries. Add some homely touches, such as throw pillows or a plant to add a pop of colour to the largely white palette. The presence of beanbags is also a great addition for a modern New York vibe. Or if you like a contemporary touch, a rattan chair will fit nicely within the frame without overdoing it.

#2: Farmhouse Chic

farmhouse chic

Source: Pinterest

The countryside look is all about classic sophistication. Think rustic chic that emulates the modern British farmhouse or prairie setting without being too stuffy. There are two ways to incorporate the farmhouse style – classic and modern.

The classic style is all about natural wood accents that were abundant in those times, using wooden boards for panelling. Vintage furniture is the way to go, especially if they are slightly worn out and weathered in aesthetics. Baskets and wooden boxes are familiar and comforting looks of the farmhouse and prairie look, using natural materials such as wood and stone to accentuate living spaces and to add a warm aura in a space that we spend a lot of our time in.

However, if you live in a condominium, it is best to not overdo it with the wood furnishings and have just a few accessories to accentuate and cosy up the smaller space. Pair your furnishings with the proper vintage lighting and you’re all set.

When thinking about living room decor ideas for the modern style, take the comfortable approach with some modern accents, such as glossy vibes and neutral colour tones. Although it is less rustic, it also exudes more sophistication and contemporary elements like granite countertops and stainless steel lights, which is very flattering for landed areas with a bigger space. Overall, it’s a mix and match, adding a sleek finish to your living space and bringing depth to the variety of textures against a neutral palette.

#3: Back to Basics

Rattan peacock chair in loft room with boho decorations

Speaking of wood accents, sustainability has been on the rise in the use of natural materials and textures like rattan, hemp and cane. More homeowners are becoming more aware of the impact of their interior design choices and they are being more conscious of the materials they use in their homes. This new trend even has a name – Biophilia that emphasises on surrounding oneself with nature in order to feel a connection to the natural world. It is now riding full force in the interior design world and is a trend that will continue for a long time as people are forgoing the use of plastic for more sustainable pieces.

Hence, rattan is now replacing plastic chairs – being inexpensive and lightweight adds a bonus factor, and wooden surfaces made from varying light to dark tones are taking over glossy coffee tables. Living room decor ideas with a natural touch can be creative in the way of adding visual interest through wood shelves, and flooring, setting a warm tone overall alongside white oak furnishings.  This movement of reusing and repurposing existing materials in living spaces is a progressive step towards an eco-friendly planet, as well as being more cost-effective and quick in the building process.

#4: Classic Blue & White


Source: @thejungalow (Instagram)

Colours are a crucial part of interior design. For larger living rooms, homeowners have more options as compared to smaller areas where colours are usually aimed at visually enlarging the space. Neutral tones, such as white, grey, and beige are recommended as a base colour for the living room. In addition to filling the room with more light, these shades have a wide palette that makes it easier to mix and match with other bold colours.

When Pantone released its colour of the year 2020 – Classic Blue, interior experts scramble to meet the demands of homeowners who choose to incorporate this “timeless and enduring blue hue” into their living space. Exuding a calming quality and sense of peace, this shade blends perfectly with a white base.

Whether you intend to fully commit to this shade with the blue-on-blue look – painting your walls and adding a statement piece in the same hue – or just adding in one great anchor piece like a navy blue sofa in the centre of the room, your room will have a stylish and unique appearance with this living room decor idea.

For large living rooms, there is more flexibility around this shade as you can play around with deeper blue colours. It will also be a likely accent to wood furniture, adding some balance and warmth to the strong tones. Start slowly by adding just one foundational blue element to the room, then work around different shades in the blue palette such as baby blue and blue-green.

#5: Individualistic Style

individualistic style

Style is all about individualism, emphasising on developing a personal style. Fast furniture is slowly phasing out, giving way to the purchase of high-quality pieces that seem to stand the test of time.

Performance fabrics are now a preferred choice for longevity as they are “easy to clean and able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life”. Being able to hold up to outdoor and indoor weathering and abrasion over time, it has inspired living room decor ideas for homeowners who desire practicality and functionality in their individual spaces.

With the myriad of design ideas today, there’s a greater need to create a space that is unique to the homeowner and is truly memorable. It’s all about not conforming to a certain concept, but to match concepts according to one’s personality. There is no rule of thumb, whether it is a brightly coloured piece that violates the minimalist style or layering various prints and textiles to give a personalised touch. In other words, true style means not trying too hard to impress but to design finishes for the sake of timelessness and sustainability.

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