Interior Design Singapore – Landed Renovation Tips

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You have figured out what to look for in an interior design Singapore firm from our first article. You may have also gotten inspired by the top interior design styles of landed homes we featured in our second article. Hopefully, you have done up a few mood boards, have a rough idea or sketch of the dream landed house interior design you want for your private residential property. Like all other renovations works, renovating a landed property would take a substantial amount of money, effort, time as well as attention. Here are some landed house interior design renovation tips, especially for private residential or landed properties.

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Some Useful Tips by Interior Design Singapore Firm

Since we covered what to look for in an interior design Singapore in our first article, you have probably done your homework, asked around or looked at reviews on several renovation companies whose renovation portfolio is impressive and reliable. You might even have one renovation company in mind that you can trust to deliver your dream design. Communicate your vision for the perfect dream home to them, show your mood boards, saved images and research ideas and let them do the planning, rendering and actual renovating.

The next tip is to decide on the renovation style and theme for your landed home. Go back to the mood boards you have created, the ideas and the images you have collected to build the dream home you have envisioned. What or how exactly do you want your landed house interior design to be; the theme, the style, the overall colour palette, the materials and texture used. What kind of ambience do you want the various areas of your house or the entire house to have? Homeowners can also start looking at their space, visualise and picture out what kind of furniture might go to accentuate their overall concept and setting.

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Renovation works in private homes would constitute additions or alterations to existing landed dwelling houses, additions or modifications to existing apartments or existing residential units of subdivided buildings and reconstruction of existing landed dwelling houses. While most renovation works would not require an approval of plans from the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), it is best for you to check with your contracted interior design Singapore firm. Where the proposed building or renovating works are not exempted, renovation plans, even structural plans, would have to be submitted if there are structural works involved in the proposed renovation.

Last but not least, the other remaining miscellaneous aspect of renovation. Since the renovation company is doing the heavy lifting and tough workloads, homeowners should be actively involved in selecting and making the choices for the paint colour, wallpaper, types of flooring, lights as well as furniture.